The classic vanilla marshmallow, reinvented. These marshmallows are made using the finest Pure Vanilla Extract giving each bite a rich, dark, creamy smooth flavour similar to a luxury ice cream - a completely different experience to the white marshmallows you may have tried previously!


Enjoy these any time of the year, melted into a hot chocolate or coffee, toasted over an open fire for a molten vanilla experience or placed on top of an Irish Coffee with cream for the adults amongst us.

Pure Vanilla Delight - Crafted Mallow

    • Each pack contains 10 pieces within a resealable pouch to lock in the freshness for even longer... if you can make them last that long!
    • Only ever British sugar
    • No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives
    • These marshmallows are egg free, gluten free, dairy free & contain no sulphites.
    • Contains pork gelatine.
    • Suitable for home freezing - just allow five minutes to defrost before enjoying, or drop straight into hot drink.

    Ingredients: Sugar, Water, Glucose Syrup, Invert Sugar, Pork Gelatine, Natural Vanilla Flavour (2.5%), Salt Flakes, Corn Flour.