These marshmallows contain only natural peppermint extract and only Fairtrade chocolate with a minimum of 70% cocoa solids. This allows for an initial hit of bold and rich chocolate notes followed quickly with a fresh, tangy, flavoursome peppermint blast. The chocolate is sprinkled in allowing it to melt slowly into the mix to create an attractive swirled effect and also allowing chunks to stay for extra bite. If you are a fan of mint chocolate ice cream, then these are the ones for you. If not, then I encourage you to give them a try - you might be surprised!


Enjoy these any time of the year, melted into a hot chocolate or coffee, toasted over an open fire for a molten vanilla experience or placed on top of an Irish Coffee with cream for the adults amongst us.

Mint Choc Chunk - Crafted Mallows

    • Each pack contains 10 pieces within a resealable pouch to lock in the freshness for even longer... if you can make them last that long!
    • Only ever British sugar.
    • No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.
    • These marshmallows are egg free, dairy free, gluten free & contain no sulphites.
    • Contains pork gelatine.
    • Suitable for home freezing - just allow a five minute to defrost before enjoying, or drop straight into hot drink.

    Ingredients: Sugar, Water, Glucose Syrup, Invert Sugar, Dark Chocolate 74% Cocoa (7.5%), Pork Gelatine, Natural Peppermint Flavour (0.2%), Salt Flakes, Corn Flour.